1. Go with the flow! You know from experience how hard it can be so appreciate this blessing. You mentioned being afraid to eat. I often feel this way about refeeding bc my diverticulitis causes me so much pain. God bless 💪🏻❤

  2. Fasting makes me not hungry and gets me out of the habit of eating thank you Jesus fasted 7 days ate then 48hrs fasted ate now fasting again Had some vegetable broth scale went up 3 pounds retaining a lot of water So I am drinking black coffee snake juice water vegetable broth and sometimes taking some C4 for energy👍

  3. Hormone cycles! Some days are EASY to fast. Exercise can suppress appetite too. I've been eating high quality lower carb ice cream. Sometimes just a slightly better substitute can make a big difference. 💖 🔥 🌹

  4. I ate a bunch of nuts yesterday so I’m going to fast today, mostly cause my stomach is not too happy with me and I don’t want to put anything more in it. Love ya 🌞💋💋

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