1. Good job! I havnt been fasting but I finally was able to get groceries instead of quick cheap fixes which is usually crap. I made myself keto meals for the week and then I'll try to fast again. I would usually eat icecream all day (I unfortunately work with icecream now lol) and then try to fast but my sugar levels get wacky and I'll feel weird so..I'll do keto for awhile and go from there. I bought low carb icecream so that I at least know I have it and not be tempted at work (hopefully).

  2. All day I’ve been thinking about doing another round of longer fasts, honestly cause I want to get this weight back off but I’m a little afraid of binging again so omad it is for the rest of this week! Love ya🌞💋💋

  3. took off the mayo but used ketchup.. real mayo is all fat (from eggs) – 0 sugar, won't raise insulin, ketchup is all sugar and raises insulin 🙁

    good luck today 🙂

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