1. Step Count: 4,250 / 2.6KM. Good one, Angie. It was a bit too basic for me even with 2 risers, but still enjoyable. The Latino music at the start of the workout was fantastic. Loved working out to that beat. 🙂 And Bella is so so cute. It's so sweet of you to take her along with you while travelling. I travelled to Florida with both my cats when I relocated there over a decade ago, but I had to send them via cargo, and it was hugely stressful for them as well as me. Same thing when I relocated back to Europe. The transatlantic trip takes 2 days as I allow them a night stopover in a pet hotel to minimise the stress a bit. … Followed your Bella Instagram account. 😉 Thanks again for this.

  2. Fantastic full-body workout!!! I had 4500 steps and burned 436 calories!!!! That is a lot of calories for me!!! Excellent! Can't wait to workout with you again!

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