1. Man, your wife loves you. Such a selfless soul. I am inspired by your experience with the fast, but I am even more inspired by her example of love. Now that your back doesn't hurt you should get down on your knees and thank heaven for her. Every day.
    Thanks to both of you for sharing your experience.

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  3. Isn’t it actually a FOOD fast? You’re fasting from what you’re NOT consuming. If you’re drinking water, then it’s not a “water” fast 🤦🏽‍♀️

  4. I was by circumstances without water or any fluid n 3 weaks no food I ended in hospital in ICU . I ALMOST DIED . WTF U TALKING ABOUT ?

  5. You should read the book 'The Longevity Diet' … the book is the culmination of the author's 30 year research career with the ultimate conclusion / recommendation being fasting through a fasting mimicking diet. Lots of science in the book. There was some good info regarding fasting and auto immune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis. With RA & MS it's part of the immune system being dysfunctional with your immune cells attacking you. Fasting results in autophagy (2016 Nobel Prize in medicine was won for discoveries of mechanisms of autophagy). With autophagy, essentially your body uses the least desirable tissues as fuel first. And with auto immune diseases, some of the least desirable body tissues are the dysfunctioning immune cells. The Longevity Diet book details how in research they measures 80% reduction in dysfunctional immune cells after each fasting period. Each time the immune cells are replaced via available stem cells with properly functioning cells. So, fasting once a month (5 days) for several months ends up resulting in significant immune system recovery in a way…. basically the autophagy of dysfunctional immune cells and those being replaced with good ones. I don't recall it being explained as a cure but rather as a good way to help minimize the number of bad immune cells causing the issues of RA , MS & other auto immune diseases. The book is worth looking into as well as the recent scientific discoveries related to autophagy.

  6. There’s no way I could do this, I have RA & Fibromyalgia so my pain threshold would be through the roof, I’d like to give it a go, but in reality I take lots of opioids just to get me through the day. Sigh 😔 glad it worked for him though.

  7. The only thing my Dr would have added is bone broth, meat broth, or chicken broth. See also Jordan Peterson's story of how his daughter, and he cleared up many health issues w a meat only diet.

  8. I did a 10 day water fast about 3 months back, for prayer and meditation purposes. The physical changes that were noticeable to me were softer and smother looking facial skin. I went up into the mountains away from all the tech, work, etc. The sleeping conditions in the shelter were not all that great, so the back ache I've had for years probably as a result of sitting in a bad position all day at work was till and is still felt.

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  10. I feel so sorry for this guy. Mate you've got a history of back problems, you've got no stomach muscles (core strength) you're living in a cramped shoe box and your wife was buying super soft spongey mattresses? Why? Why aren't your back problems and your back health YOUR priority? All that was wrong was the mattress and his wife convinced him to go without food for a week. Wtf? How do I know it's the mattress? Because I'm like the millions of others who figured out our back pain was caused by our mattress (back pain in the morning which eased as the day went on as we become more active and our back muscles loosened up) and we went out and bought a new firmer one. Water doesn't cure a complete lack of common sense.

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