1. Many people ask how many calories it burns. It depends on you sex, age, height, body weight and move frequency for each 30 second. But one thing for sure, it burns 0 calorie if one only watches this video asking questions but never actually do it.

  2. These workouts helped me a lot at the beginning of my diet and I make it as daily routine for me, by the way I was 123 kg and now I'm 80 I lost around 43 kg in six months. Thanks a lot

  3. I wish they could make these 7min exercise routine only 1min each with 20sec rest! or 50sec each and 20 sec rest? and 2 rounds after each other. that would be like 20min or more HIIT TRAINING!

  4. Thank you P4P for uploading workouts like this one. Do you know how much calories we lose doing this 7 min workout?
    Keep motivate us to workout 😉 Best wishes

  5. it's definetly the workout i was looking for.. from now on this will be my every day routine… thanks… hope i'll see results in the next 2-3 weeks

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