1. This workout is amazing. Just take out 7 minutes from your day and it gives true results. I am doing Lucy's workouts for last 1 and half months and my waist has reduced from 36 inches to 33 inches. And definitely I dropped a dress 👗size ( from XL to L).

  2. I’m a couple days into week three without missing a day. I’ve decided to do one of her 7 minute videos every day no matter what and others if I have time/feel like it. My plan is to do one for a week and then pick another to do the next week and so on. The walking ones are great to do while watching TV because they are easy to follow along with while muted!

    Definitely seeing results! I’m tracking both weight and measurements. Went from 142 to 139.4 and lost an inch at the underbust, 1.25 inches at the waist, and .75 inches at the hips.

    After four days the soreness went away (I was really out of shape), I’m starting to feel more toned, and I have a lot more energy.

  3. ●Bought a dress which couldn't fit me.
    ●Did this everyday.
    ●Cut the pastries,chips and rice

    After 8 days, I was surprised. Literally drop a dress size. I can now wear that dress. Thanks Lucy.

  4. Hi Lucy,thanks for this workout just finished today with the 7 minute workout for rid out of back fat and the result is awesome and i love it . Thanks a lot . ⚘⚘👍👍⚘⚘❤❤

  5. Thankyou lucy
    At last you hav created workout that I can fit into my busy life. The moves are not complicated and in a short time I can see the result with no equipment.

  6. Day 1: done – I wasn't really healthy today
    Day 2: done – I did it with 2kg dumb bells + I didn't really eat that healthy
    Day 3: done – Used 2kg dumb bells + ate healthy
    Day 4: Done – Ate healthy and used 2kg weights on my ankles this time
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

    My starting size is around a size 16 UK size.. So hopefully in 7 days I'll be down to a size 14. I'll come back to give update.

    Update: I'm starting it again today. I wasn't feeling well so today is day 1 again 30/06/2019

  7. Dear Lucy thanks a lot for the motivation along with providing doable workouts( short n effective). By doing your workout n following a healthy diet I lost 9 kg in 3 months. Thanks a lot .

  8. Lucy, I am getting married in 4 weeks and I want (need) to drop a dress size, I can only get one of your plans. Which do you reccomend for me the most? Drop a dress size in 14 days or the Bride to be one?

  9. God bless you and thank you Lucy, these workouts are brilliant… I have been doing them for over a week and yes, I am seeing wonderful results.

  10. This workout is just great I did it for 4 days so far and I can already feel my body is More tight I'll do my best to finish this and the loose belly challenge after this

  11. Hi Lucy I’m getting married in 5 weeks and need to lose a little weight around my hips, would you recommend this workout and if so when is the best time work out?

  12. You are the best one I have found on Youtube! Doing this for 5 days now. Feels really good. Best part is that it is easy to follow ,making it easier to manage daily. Big thumbs up👍

  13. This is the powerpacked workout..i tried it for 7 days ..along with proper diet and the result is frm XL to L …jus 7 min a day can help u get rid of those extra pounds…jus give it a try…i completed drop a dress size challenge ..and i have started 7 days flat belly challenge…go try all her 7 mins challenge …and the first 2 to 3 days it will be some what tuf after that u will be start to gain stamina and u can complete the workout easily…its worth guys try it…no one can help us like this …lucy is doing such a great thing….we can change us by following her workout…..we will we can…lucy is there to train us and help us …its very beneficial …give it a try ..and u ll be addicted to her workouts as i am…

  14. Results: lost an inch from my waist, half an inch from my hips, an inch and a half from my thighs and gained a cm on my butt
    Didn’t eat very healthy at all during this as it’s just been Easter but did do a lot of walking so this definitely works!

  15. I've been doing it for a week without any diet and so far I've lost 2 inches from my hip and 1/2 inch from my waist. I feel more energetic and confident. Lucy really a life saver. Got my confidence back. I recommend everyone to try this out. Guys it's just 7 min a day for 1 week.

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