1. Your exercises are great but it would be so much better if you did all 10 reps with the person watching. Otherwise it is a pain to constantly put the video on pause while I complete the exercise.

  2. Helpful exercises. I was in the ARMY as a kid. It's amazing how little of the movements we did that I remember. I do remember having a cooldown routine though, and yous looks more than adequate.

  3. I so want the total gym. My husband keeps trying to buy me a tennis bracelet for my birthday. I want this! A work out that you can do while sitting down! YES honey. After having three kids (ages now 2,4 &6) and focusing on my husband and career I let my physical fitness fall off the cliff. I am a few months away from 40, so as not to hurt myself, I need to work my way back up to cross country running by sitting down first. hehe 😛

  4. I see comments about doing a demo of the equipment. If you purchased a total gym directly from the company then you should have START UP videos. If you got one used then you may be able to search start up videos on Google or on Youtube to find out more about how to use the equipment safely. I have had my Total Gym for 6 years and I make sure that before I attempt to get up off it I always "anchor" myself to stay safe. If I have a long ponytail I make sure it is put up in a ball out of the way so it does not get stuck if I am doing an exercise where I am laying down. I ALWAYS make sure the safety pin is in place. I hope this helps.

  5. Hi Honey Pamela, has a few questions, First, started Total Gym about a month ago, no results! I was diagnosed osteopenia, can't lift heavy weights or run due to other problem, it looks like I could do all of your workout.My Question is You look like you do weights? Can't believe just the above exercises made you so FIT! Also, Can you tell me your diet if you have healthy eating. Thanks PS have seen on TV Total Gym, your routine is way better looking, you should be doing the commercial, not old people……God Bless You and Thanks

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