1. Lol, such a fake! It’s impossible to reach leg muscles like shown on the pictures. These exercises are good for stamina and stability not to increase the muscle strength-ergo not the best choice if your goal is muscle growth.

  2. 9 min of home exercise?
    There were 9 exercises explained by you with 3 sets each.
    Total sets=9*3=27
    Assuming each set takes at least 30 sec
    Total time taken in seconds= 27*30=810
    Also you suggested a rest of 30 sec after each set:
    Body rest time=26*30=780
    Total time=1590 Seconds
    Time in min= 26.5 min
    26.5 min>9 min
    There is a limit to lie man, this is just too much!!

  3. I find that spening on my credit card and not keeping the receipts for my wife to do the books usually gives me a really good run through the garden and over hedges!

  4. Pulsing should only really be used for dancers and anyone in any type of gymnastics. Otherwise you could tear/rip (one you dont want) your muscles really quickly. That will just set you back. If you are considering pulsing in your workouts. Make sure you are at least working out 5 dats a week for at least a year first. Do it to early. Then you'll just put yourself off the gym.

  5. The reason you dont want your knees infront of your feet on a squat. Over time building the muscles in the the upper leg. Over time, the little bit of muscle near your knee. Will push your knee cap out. Now youll have to deal with bad knees after that.

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