1. Nothing is ever going to change. There will never be a shortage of tall, beautiful girls willing to starve themselves to death, just for a shot at being a model. Modelling is still seen as a prestigious career and models are still envied and admired.

  2. This is truly heartbreaking to watch, no praise to Vogue however, one of the biggest catalysts to causing eating disorders and insecurities in young and easily influenced men and women.

  3. I tried out for modelling at 17. I was 5'8 and 116lbs but the agent told me to lose 10 more lbs. The worst part was my mom agreed with her. So i made myself throw up and ended up in a rubber room for 2 months. This is so sad.

  4. – I think people should be free to express their beauty not a beauty that a magazine wants to show that´s one of the reasons that people freak out because they want to be like the models in the magazines, beauty is everywhere we just need to see it with the heart.

  5. …this clip means nothing until it is every day-reality, that we see all kinds of bodies in vogue-magazine and in fashion-shows….makes me sad and angry…producing this Clip alone-total waste of Time.

  6. these girls need their mothers at all time, they are too young with these vultures eating away their dignity and self esteem

    if ever my daughter wants to enter this world i will do like tyra's mom: with her every second of every day of every meeting every shooting every runway

  7. As someone who struggled with anorexia and still has body issues, I really liked this video. When I scrolled down and saw Vogue posted it, I about laughed out loud at the sheer nerve of them. They perpetrate this very ideal and issue.

  8. I saw the video title and was like „yes this is good content“ and then i saw what channel this was uploaded on… then i was like „this is questionable content“

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