1. Wow 92 hours!!! Congratulations
    7 day fast would be my vote
    I'm intermittent fasting
    My calories intake a day 900 – 1000
    Jan- 2019 Start weight 232
    Oct-2019 weight now 202
    * My goal weight is 155 lbs.***
    I do and have falling off the wagon many times but I keep at trying to do my best.

  2. You're doing great.🥰 I wouldn't even begin to tell you what you should do, because I believe it's up to you to decide. I will say you have one of the best information sources about fasting at your fingertips and that is Dr. Fung's book. You've said a few times that you have not read it, maybe it's time to reevaluate that choice. LoL🤔😊😊

    I completed 144hrs of fasting. Now that I'm not obese I've decided to continue with the fasting group, but instead of fasting straight through I'm going to fast Sun to Fri and refeed on Sat all the way through until Nov. I've done my refeed for today, and I've restarted my fasting timer.

  3. I love your quotes. Thank you !
    Congratulations on your fast. I made it to 39. I wanted longer but I’ll take it. Was in ketosis and self sabotaged today. Starting over again! 🤦🏻‍♀️
    Congratulations on your weight loss – your face looks so much thinner!🌸

  4. uhh! your're almost 4 days in i'm so sad, I've been away from youtube for a few days i didn't know you've started another fast. i'm going to start mine today hoping to go for 7-days. all the best with your fast.

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