1. when Bezos & Gates die, their riches will be worth zilch, I will go to be with God, them ? I hate to think. Rich or poor we all end up dead and then before a eternal judge to get what we deserved.

  2. If God gave me money 💰 i will build a school for children. A school that makes them understand that life isn’t all money making but making life better than what money Can offer. The Way will teach your children overtake deficiency, fear and frustration. It’s an eyebrows raising but understanding true love is what makes your children the richest.

  3. I have a family and home I love. I'm happy. I'm not even worth $1 million, and probably never will be, but I live a rich life. End of the day, family, health and happiness is all that matters. I'd rather be in a shack with people I love than a mansion with my 2nd wife and step kids (nothing wrong with either, but you get my point).

  4. He is not the wealthiest man on earth, many senators have more and I know the Cliton’s have!!!
    And then there are the Rothchilds come on there are many more…

  5. "Jeff all door people we alien of stupidity I kick their butts day and night and make believe there right 😂🤣😂"🤴🤔💛♥️🎶💚💙🧡 X=2 1 Solution always true to you? Do you know who? Do you know the way, Happiness seeing A County Music singer review morrow 🤔 Mt 1311"

  6. this is bullshit, all those things buffet and gates like to snack on are from the companies they own, it's like TopTrending has been paid to market here, garbage media

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