1. Wow it really works!

    I was doing this positioning for about 2 weeks and couldn't figure out why people were complaining about pain. I was doing it wrong! Hello to me!

    The towel has to be below your navel, at the top of your buttocks to get the full effect.

    This morning I did it the correct way and, oh boy, I could feel the difference right away. I did the full 5 minutes through the discomfort but you know, as I started walking around doing regular things, I could feel the difference.

    This does work and believe it or not, I look forward to tomorrow morning and the 5 minutes of discomfort. Call me strange, but I can take it and welcome the change. Awesome! Give it a try and if you have to, work your way up to 5 minutes.

    Remember, towel is below the navel. All the best to everyone.

  2. I am starting today and did 3mins of but it's difficult….. My waist is 45 and weight is about 96.5 kg…. I am doing walk for past 3-4 days now InshaAllah will let you guys know after a week

  3. Omg I tried this two times now and both times I can feel how my pelvic/legs/ feet regulate themsleves. It's almost like a twitching feeling, but symmetrical on both legs. I have lower back problems. This is amazing. Thank you!

  4. Oh my God, I just tried it now. Took difficulty in standing up, felt my bones stretching, took some time and then carefully stood up. The next thing I get very light, all stretched and really good. Am going to keep going for a Month and see. I feel good already. Thanks for this popping up on my YouTube wall.

  5. I don’t know about the whole lose weight business but this exercise has helped me align my spine and be pain free. I learned it about five years ago and have done it every day since.

  6. Looks easy, but trust me it's not that easy the first time. Anyone who's planning to start this, should try doing it for 1-2 minutes b'se it's a bit uncomfortable and even painful (hands will hurt, lower back hurts, etc) so take note on that.
    Plus losing weight is not something that's achieved overnight or in a few hours. You've gotta change your eating habits, like it or not.🤷‍♀️ You might not even work out, but as long as you eat clean,you will shed that extra weight.
    Too bad most of us love taking shortcuts.

    "No hay atrajos para llegar a un sitio que se precie"

  7. I tried doing for 4 minutes then when I sat up, I felt weird when I slouched abit and like it makes me sit straight up. Not comfortable but still more better than the slouch. (It's a habit I'm sorry).

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