1. For anyone who wants to try this workout but wants an idea of how it’ll work:

    Day 1: It was a good workout and I definitely felt it. It wasn’t too hard, but you can feel the burn towards the end! Kola was super motivating in the video and it really helped me to keep going

    Day 2: I couldn’t update yesterday, but I’m back. Today this workout made me sweattt and it felt more intense. Maybe because I put more effort, but it really made me feel good

    Day 3: Today was just like before, not much to say. I haven’t really been seeing results, but that’s okay because it’s only the third day. Remember you can do this!

    Day 4: I’ve been so busy and I haven’t been able to do this, but I did it today. Same as before, but still feels good 💪🏼

    Update: I was recently on vacation and it made me unmotivated to do the workout. I’m going to try my best to get back on it, but I will be going on vacation again this week, so I’ll see how it goes

  2. IT REALLY HURT SO BAD. These exercises !! Will it make sense for me to take breaks every 5 leg drops cause I do not work out and I really can’t cuz it hurts so much 🤧

  3. The motivation To stay in the position during this is very much needed and I’m glad you do it because it pushes me to my limits,Your workouts are great and keep going xox

  4. Hey there, love you and your videos so much. So I have a question, can we also get a flat stomach with this exercise and HIW long will it be until I see the results? Thanks again 😊

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