1. I haven't tried this yet, but thank you so much for your detailed videos! it is so helpful that you do the exercises with us and have the timer/countdown!! so much more helpful than other videos where they only show us for a few seconds and then i have to keep rewinding the video to rewatch. Thank you Chloe!! I hope I can grow my non-existent booty!!

  2. Chlo one thing I have to say is I HATE getting to the end of the workout and then finding out I need to do it all over!! You should just include all 4 reps (which you might be doing now bc I think you did it in another vid you did) anyways love you still a great burn here I go again lol

  3. HI Chloe!!! I love your videos. This is my favorite. Ive been seeing results. my booty is looking good in my jeans and alll πŸ™‚ thank you !!!

  4. Can this help even if you don’t have a butt or abs I’m just curious

  5. Chloe Ting thank you so much for your videos. I started now 3 weeks ago to do this exercises, of course I did a lot of belly fat burning workout and abs, I also found out that I hate working my inner and outer tights but I still do it. I also lost weight with your exercises and my belly fat is completely gone. My tights look better then ever and all thanks to you, I love you ❀ and thank you so much for doing all this effort for us!

  6. Hi Chloe. I just wanna say thank you so much for making this workout. I'm doing this workout and another video workout and it's really working on my body. Once again, thank you and don't give up on this channel. Love you from Japan <3

  7. i have ur vid on mute playing music so when u stopped im like ok homegirl wass next and u started stretchin im like oh so we stretchin okurrr but the video was done u got me so hype i was ready for more n im drippin lmao

  8. Just did this one for the first time today because I had limited time and couldn't decide between abs or butt day. You really have a talent for putting together moves that flow and feel good together! I felt really good afterwards.

    Also wtf @ random creeper dude cameo loool

  9. Idk why. Buf u motivated me soooo muchhh.. 😍😍 I'm little bit obese but ur videos motivated me soo much.. I just want to see results in one month… I want to get flat stomach & tiny waist.. What workout should i have to follow from all ur videos. ?? πŸ™„πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

  10. I started this 9.5. and today is my 5 day of this workout. I am skinny that is reason why im doing this .
    I will say my results at june πŸ’ͺ😊
    (Sry for my english ik its bad)
    Update soon πŸ˜†

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