1. i dont wanna seem rude or weird or anything, but is it enough to do like two of those 10 minute workouts ? ( I exercise 3 times a week and it consists mostly of going almost 2 hours in the gym so I'm really confused by the effectiveness of a shorter workout evem tho its really intense )

  2. Hello Rebecca,
    Thank you for this video. Wanna ask
    which is more effective? Ill do all the exercise twice or ill increase the time for each exercise? Been doing this video for a month already. I am now thinking of testing my limit. Thank you

  3. Hi Rebecca, I love you so much, but Im not able to hold my elbows down when Im making the circles, and I feel my back, so what Im doing wrong ? :O 🙁 I like your workouts and I wanted to try something new

  4. loved it Rebecca! when i think i'm going to stop the count down reminds me i can do 15 more seconds and i love all the destinations you go to it keeps a beach body goal in my head

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