1. Love this workout. I going to do at least 1 of your 15/20min workouts everyday to keep strong as I just got back into Pole Fitness this will be some great added strength. Love your channel and you are so inspiring with not only your videos but body goals!!

  2. I recently came across your workouts and I LOVE them! It's easy to fit them into my morning routine and they get me sweating! Thank you for creating this platform to help others find strength within themselves and their bodies! Mahalo Nui Loa!

  3. I don't really leave comments, but I have to say… Its been 5 months since I was feeling miserable and with no motivation at all. But thanks to you and your videos I started workout again a week ago. Lots of love Maddie, you inspire me in so many levels. Keep it going!

  4. Whenever workout at home I NEVER sweat this much. THANK YOU for challenging me! As well as keeping me accountable.. you have so much content that it allows me to stay engaged and toned all in one shot 😅

  5. I love how this has so many variations to it! That way when I feel the burn or get bored, it changes up so quickly as to engage my interest and my body! After the first try, I definitely felt the burn the next day! Thanks for you videos! <3

  6. So I have a question…I try to do a workout like the leg lifts but I can’t keep my legs straight and get them up all the way bc I’m not flexible. So idk if the workout is still working. What do you suggest?

  7. LOVE THE WORKOUT. I really like how you go through it and with the timer on the side. Easy to follow which I find hard with other fitness people sometime.

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