1. This girl beside the one from Befit go,is the only girl which voice and appearance are not annoying to me 😊 I don't like to much talking in video, just work b….! 😁

  2. This routine is awesome if your looking for something that really work your thighs and abs, you really feel it, its not a brutal routine but it really works! Totally recommended !

  3. I liked this workout I just wish it was longer and included a warm up and a cool down. I've pitched this idea before but could you guys record a video using resistance bands or ankle weights?

  4. Since I've started exercising on my own I've use your videos and this is the first one I completed and I feel so proud of my self!

    So thanks guys for doing this!😁✋👍

  5. my mum recently bought a trampoline and i did the leg and butt exercises on it and it was amazing! so my question is: would you upload a whole workout for trampoline? i will really appreciate it ♡♡♡

  6. Hi Kelly L don't know if your still on this site considering how long ago this is, but I'm trying to get my body back in shape after having a Hysterectomy but I have bad knees what the moderation for these movements

  7. I completed this workout along with 35 min strength training by FB….. god believe …, I never knew that I had so much stamina thanks to FB …. ur workouts increased by stamina … I ❤️FB….

  8. I DID IT!!! I made it through a workout, maybe that means i should do a more difficult one lol Thank you fitness blender amazing content! <3!!

  9. i have a lot of weight on hips nd thighs will plz tell me ths particular exercise to loose weight from hips plz i m doing lots of exercises but nothing is working plz plz help me out.

  10. I heart Kelly! Awesome workouts and always keeps it real without being overbearing or obnoxious. Thanks for the great workouts FitnessBlender 🙂 xoxo

  11. Can someone help?
    While doing these AMAZING workouts and other hiit routines, I am getting so much fitter, stomach, back , shoulders and arms have really slimmed down and my butt looks it's best ever, however, I think my thighs are just getting bigger!! What can I do to trim them down? Really happy with the results everywhere else. …just my massive thighs!! I have always had "bigger" legs, even as a child and they have always been very muscular but I would love if they could be smaller! !
    Pleas help!!

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