1. I've been using this to help get back to something resembling fitness after a few horrific injuries in a row. My doc supported it too but I think I'm doing something wrong as I'm getting some groin/hip pain in exercise 3/5 the psycho crunch and reverse crunch to jack

  2. Thank you Scott Herman for this lower body and upper body workout for this morning. I really like doing your workout programs with you on YouTube. I just have a great time doing it. Kaley

  3. Great video for those who are in great shape already. Maybe you should make a video for people like me with back injuries or out of shape. I would love to work my abs but had a back fusion about 4 months ago and can’t do half of these exercises

  4. Did this for the first time today. I struggled hard getting my legs up high enough during the psycho crunch and the (cant remember the name) dumbell crossover crunch so I wasnt able to feel the burn as much. I'll stick to it, hopefully I can get better

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