1. i m getting this error on compilation "../node_modules/@types/selenium-webdriver/remote.d.ts:139:29 – error TS2583: Can

    not find name 'Map'. Do you need to change your target library? Try changing the

    `lib` compiler option to es2015 or later.

    139 setEnvironment(env: Map<string, string> | {[name: string]: string} |

    null): this;


  2. I have a doubt regarding meta tags For Example the meta tags are generated dynamically by initializing in ngOnInit method but it is not recognized by other api like linkedin why ?

  3. What an intro! First 3 mins of project intro was enough to sell this tutorial like hot cake and yet you've decided to place it for free. Thank you so much!

  4. How relevant has this tutorial remained now that we are at Angular 8? Do you believe your full 30 hour tutorial on Angular 4 would still be of use to a complete beginning in mid 2019 such as myself?

  5. At 1:34:12 When you create a new component:



    }) does not work for me due to these 2 notations (' '),
    so I need to change to (` `)

  6. Guys after those video courses, you will know that best resource to learn is the documentation. It 's the way faster. Anyway, thank you Mosh, I watched this tutorial and it is valid. You have ability to explain clear without any offtops

  7. not sure if people who appreciated this video ever tried out the steps. I had to google many times before getting to install Angular, still getting syntax error. Looks liek googling is the best way than such videos.

  8. 2017 am reading it in 2019….And it is just nice. Simple and straight to the point.
    Dude you are a real tutor. How the hell do those lecturers fail to pass to us such straight explanations? We could be programming hell right now.

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