1. Great to see you workout together! Great scores, congrats! I am not so happy with the angle of the video, because now it really appears that many snatches don't have a full lock-out overhead. Furthermore, the footwork (two feet take-off) does not apply to the movement standards in many reps. Oh yeah, and please BKG, watch the athlete while judging 😉 Keep it up guys! I hope you'll post more of these Open WODs or other training sessions! All the best!

  2. Sorry, lot of no reps, not fully extended in the snatches (elbows), 50% no 2 feet take-off … sorry, quality over quantity should be the advice… but looking at the judges here … wtf … they are just counting without watching most of the movements. Ridiculous

  3. I seriously wonder that: is it one of the rules that you have to land on your both feet after the jump over the bar? I saw many no reps from this point of view. anyone??

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