1. If you go to the WW site, it has the words "weight watchers" in the corner again. Hello Again ! They are also on the new marketing booklet. Something old is back again. Weight Watchers! I mean, like 99% of actual members thought the new name was silly anyways.

  2. Carrie,
    My husband and myself use to ride bikes around our small little town we use to live in years ago when we were in our early 30's. Had a blast. So many beautiful things you miss riding in a car in same areas. Now due to my husband's limitations due to his disability prevents us from riding bikes anymore.

    Do you all have those twinkling flashing colored lights that are to alert vehicles that your on your bikes? They are wonderful. Usually place one on front in center of handlebars forward and place one under bike seat facing behind the seat.

    🚵 Be Blessed, love Tamson 😇 💖🐟

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