1. Let's give props to this man. He wins 2 world titles at 140 gets beat once at 147" goes on to box in Saudia for 7 million payday, then fight brooke for 5-7 million in the UK at some stage" hes a clever business man.. 👊🙏

  2. I first thought Khan would retire after Prescott exposed him 10 years ago. But he didn't. Then I thought he would retire after the Maidana fiasco. But he didn't. Then after Danny Garcia used him like a drum. But he didn't. Then after Canelo almost killed him. But he didn't. then after Crawford toyed with him and busted his balls. But he didn't.

    Amir may be a truly bad, weak, untalented boxer, but at least he is persistent.

  3. Khan should have a neck workout routine with hundreds of pounds involved his only problem is his chin anyone touches it he wobbles hopefully trainers see that or hell get knocked out this fight once again

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