1. Hope you're all having a great weekend so far! Timestamps below… enjoy!
    1:08 – How do you find motivation to go to the gym when having a bad day?
    2:47 – What is the optimal amount of muscle mass for health?
    5:50 – Can you do a video on rest times and how they change depending on how your training changes?
    8:08 – Do you think advice like “cardio kills gains” is taken to the extreme by people who want an excuse not to do cardio thereby affecting their cardiovascular health? If so, what is the amount of cardio that can be optimally incorporated into a bodybuilding regime for health benefits even if it slightly affects gains?
    12:23 – How does flexibility affect our physiques – are there any studies related to this? Does stretching affect the hard look of muscles even though it can’t change origin or insertion points, or is the increased mobility conducive to gaining more muscle through a greater range of motion?
    14:27 – Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Career wise and family wise?
    15:43 – Do drop sets actually work and what is the importance of micros (vitamins etc) for gains?

  2. I have a theory that more vigorous cardio vascular excersise (10-20m) is probably less agitating to muscle growth as it requires more work performed from the actual muscle itself which is also a stimulant for growth. Moderate cardiovascular excersise for longer (30-40m) seems more detrimental to muscle growth as it doesn't actually give a stimulant for growth. I may do my dissertation on this in university

  3. Hey Jeff. It's a treat to watch your videos. Thanks for inspiration. Can you please help me recover my shoulder pain. It's there from last six months. I have started workouts again from last two months. But there is always numbness and lack of strength from shoulder to tricep, biceps and then in fingers. Please advise what exercise or remedy to follow. Thanks and Regards.

  4. I’m in shock that this guy has this many followers. I’m not hating. He seems like nice guy BUT, he claims to know sooooo much and really doesn’t know much at all which is very evident in his sub par physique. I just wish people would quit nuthugging this guy and lean towards a knowledgeable trainer. Sorry, he’s just not very good with training or diet.

  5. Ugh wish i had seen this sooner. Started reverese dieting 3 weeks ago and my friend pressured me into signing up for a 10K in October, so I'm strength training while running 3 times a week. I'm fully regretting my decision now.

  6. might seem like a dumb question… BUT whenever I am angry and go to the gym, I tend to reach multiple PRs and have the strength that I never knew I had… Is there a reasoning behind this seemingly "unlocked strength"?

  7. 15:00 – wow! Respec! Really loved this answer.

    I really believe you should go for it when you feel like you are ready

    Keep up the amazing BB info though. You are one of the best in the game right now

  8. I prefer working out at nights (around 8pm) because of class and work. I sleep by around 10:30-11pm after an hour of working out. I want to sleep earlier and wake up early. Is it okay if I eat my dinner 2 goes before my workout and use the extra time by waking up early to get in my calories and then not eat anything after my workout and go to sleep directly? Please answer this question, I’ve been wanting to become an early riser. I can’t workout in the morning because of class. Thanks!!

  9. So basically I'm going to have a go and doing a bulk. So I've ramped up my macros so I'm getting more than enough BUT my overall calories are still low. Do I actually need extra calories if I'm hitting the macros and if so does that mean just eating anything whatever (healthy) just to get the extra macros (I'm about 700cals off)?
    Also if i did just leave the extra calories would i lose fat (I'm not exactly 12% body fat so could do with losing a bit).

    Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers

  10. I can't go to the gym everyday or every other day because I weight a low 92-95 lbs with clothes on and 85-89 lbs without clothes on. I rest in between gym days and go at least 2-3 x/wk

  11. Hey Jeff,thats some incredible insight.Just want too salute everything you're doing/done and ask you too please be kind and tell me what type of music are you listening too(Just out of curiosity)?Bcz ,nowadays gyms allways have good (decent) music too train with,and i was allways curious did people find the best music ever so that they can hit there muscles more ,you look ridicilously strong.Salute 🙂

  12. I never realized drop sets were a bro-science topic, nor do I understand how they can be used to shorten workouts. I've always assumed that I should set the weight to the point just before my form becomes compromised and keep doing sets of that until I can't do a set of 4 with rests in between the sets. Then, the rest of the workout would be repeating this at the previous weight interval, on and on, until I've reduced the weight 4 or 5 times. This ends up taking a long time (~1.5 hr, incl. warmup sets) to complete for all muscle groups I'm targeting that day.
    Is this not a guaranteed way to get progressive overload with big volume? What's wrong with this?

  13. Skinny fat people, (like me for example) can look pretty athletic, but in reality, is very unhealthy. Dw,I'mm in my final year of high school and doing exams so im moderating my consumption of food in general. Lost some muscles 🥺but dont worry, ill try to get in shape througout the year, and not only look healthy, but be healthy too. Any way, peace ✌🏾

  14. Overtraining is a legitimate problem. Used to weight train 7 days a week, usually for at the very least an hour. I had sleeping issues, and more importantly was always sore. It had a snowball effect. Eventually, i got used to it.. but I plateaued on my gains hard. Maybe it was out of an obsession for the gym or fear of falling out of it as a habit. But I can honestly say, since I've gone to 3 or 4 days a week, I feel a lot better, sleep better and have noticed the gains come back. I've also put emphasis on clocking my rest times between sets and exercises to recover properly. It's helped exponentially. Real talk. Don't overtrain.. moderation applies to everything. And that includes exercise

  15. Excellent info and you don’t have an obnoxious sidekick. Really starting to appreciate your channel. You’re humble, yet driven. Thanks for the info and congratulations on a million subs!

  16. Know body does it like you my guy, I’ve watched many channels on fitness but nothing compares to your channel and how you break it down. Your an absolute legend mate. Massive fan from England.

  17. I'm always skeptical with bodybuilding advice but as soon as I heard Jeff explain his take on cardio in relation to gains, I knew he was right from my own experience and research. One factor I would like to add to the conversation is genetic body type. Ectomorph ( hard gainers ) are far more sensitive to cardio related muscle loss than mesomorphic or endomorphic body types. I believe that this is due to the ectomorphic ability to process and burn fat more quickly than other body types. When I'm on a cut, I keep my cardio to a very short 10 – 15 minute high intensity cycling session on the bike trail. This has produced very good cardiovascular results for me while also keeping my post workout endorphins nicely elevated.

  18. I’ve had the same phenomenon where the days where I feel terrible going into the gym I have the best workouts. It’s strange. It’s almost like the days where I’m hyped up I expect too much of myself and I’m in my head too much. The days where I feel terrible I’m much more screw it lets just go lift some weights and there’s no nerves involved

  19. I thought the most interesting things I've seen for drop sets was a study that showed no more strength gain in drop sets vs heavy sets and no more endurance gain from drop sets vs light sets. But that Drop sets showed both strength and endurance gains. And the others only one

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