1. I will explain for those who do not see.

    Jesus Christ is the visible image of the Invisible God. He is righteous and just and expresses the True Will of God. He is The Lord . He gives us Love and satisfies our soul so that we may be humble, meek, pious, just, and righteous, and loving. He gives us clarity and wisdom, and peace.

    Arianna , representing Jesus (God), is the manifestion of sexual energy and Power. She is glorifing the Sexual Power that seductive woman posess. It is truly seductive. It is sensual. It is extremely attractive. We always want it, but we don't completely understand it. It never satisfies. It causes us to sin and be lustful. We want Power, glory, and worship, to cultivate more of that energy. It is not Righteous.

    Lucifer himself appears as an Angel of Light. This is his energy. It causes Worship of the Self, Worship of of sex, rather Worship of Jesus (God).

    This video completely Blasphemous towards Jesus.

    YOU NEED THE HOLY SPIRIT TO SEE THE TRUTH. It's a true spiritual phenomenon that will convict you of Jesus.
    To Recieve it you must repent and Put your Faith in Christ first.

    If you don't do this you will forever be spiritual blind and controlled the ways of the world.

  2. Ariana Grande in sweetener era was so underrated even by the fanbase that's the truth. This beautiful performance has 14 million views and the her performance in Ellen of thank u next has 31 million views which does not have this much choreography and vocals. I also didn't loved sweetener because of 5 songs on it and I prefer thank you next over sweetener (of course) but she was underrated it's the fact.

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