1. Day 3 done! I've thought that pilates is not for me as I'm not as flexible as when I was younger, but you make me believe in myself and fall for pilates. Thank you. ❤

  2. This site and many others like it have contributed to near break-down of my family and the serious eating disorder of my 16 year old daughter who thinks her arms are too fat. If you are a parent looking at this site please consider the effects it and all like websites has on teenagers and young people who are at the mercy of the internet's power. I am angry beyond belief at the barrage of negative messages to young women. Parents, please look out for your children and monitor what they are watching. To the authors of this site, please consider the ramifications of your work. Is there something you can add to your video to let young women know that there is nothing wrong with slightly plump arms? Please consider the mental and physical welfare of your audience.

  3. I'm new to POP Pilates! I've been doing the Seven Minute Arms for three weeks now, and I really do think I'm noticing a difference! I started this one today. This gal is sunny, cheerful, encouraging and positive! She and Leslie Sansone are my two favorites. What a great workout for my arms! Thanks for the sweat, girl! <3

  4. First time doing this video and omg my arms hurt. I have osteoarthritis, bone spurs and a pinched nerve in my shoulders but I made it through the video with only stopping twice. Saving this to a workout playlist that I’m building so I can get back into shape and healthy.

  5. First time I managed to do the full video without stopping… I can barely move my arms right now but I feel really accomplished. You were right, Cassie, I am getting stronger. Keep pushing guys!!! 💛

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