1. Rebecca, Again I was reading in PopSugar & YOU are Glow Trainer of the month, you go, girl, I am so happy for you! You are going to have 1 million subs in no time at all:)

  2. Hi! This is Rhea from India and I love your routines! The best, after going through so many other people's. I just have a question. So, I do this particular routine on alternate days and do another routine of yours for chest muscles on the other days. Is that okay? Or am I not giving my arms enough time to rest? I really need to work my chest muscles too as well as arms and this one is heavy enough so I end up switching between the two everyday. Would that be effective? Should I continue it this way?

  3. I love your exercise routines Rebecca. You are amazing. I have been following this arm workout since a couple months and I see the slight definition on my biceps. All thanks to you!

  4. All I can say is wow ive just started a couple days ago n I've tried other arm workouts but these ones I can really feel the burn my brain shouts stop but my mouth shouts don't u dare so I'm ignoring my brain lol thanks Rebecca deffo gonna keep up with all ur workouts

  5. Hello I’m a 15 year old sprinter and I’ve been looking for videos to help me gain strength in my upper body…I’m using 12 pound dumbbells and I gave up like 4 minutes into the video…it just hurts so much and my arms go numb so quickly…I don’t know what to do and now I feel like I will never be ready for track season…😓🙍🏾‍♀️

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