1. I wish I went to a gym for the sole purpose of helping me with arm wrestling! I'll just have to do what I can. I'm not sure where to buy those handles tho to attach to machine.

  2. Hey coach ray ! I've seen devon larrat and travis bagent talking about side pressure being unnatural for body and always leading to injury…so they gave alternatives like supination and moving elbow upwards..do you agree with this advice?

  3. For armworstaling how many rap every sat ?
    I do side press 12 raps 4 sat
    Start with 12kg 15,17.5,21.
    On pulley like you but
    I use a bench. I use a towal on the Handel… I feel like my hand explode at the forarm and at my hand. I don't just press I also curl my wrist.
    It's good ?
    Or I need to change something? Rap? Sets? technique?

  4. Hey coach. I just starting out and i've measured my side pressure while hooked up to some digital scales hooked up between the cable machine and rolling handle. Do you think this is a reliable way of measuring it? Peaked at 48kg. Cheers for the vids

  5. 2:53 that girl wants you ray 😉😂 she was waiting for you to notice her n you were to busy building those popeyes’ forearms you didn’t even notice her. Poor her. Make her day next time, and love armwrestling 👊💪

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