1. Can we get his son to play in the terminator movies instead of the crappy terminators they have now? I am tired of watching liquid metal metro sexual terminators. We need some pumped up ones.

  2. At least arnold is stepping up I hate nothing more than a man who doesn't face his responsibility arnold could have thrown money at him to be silent or dissappear but he didn't good on him.

  3. I cant help but feel everytime he gets stronger, I want to see him in his own Arnie film. Sounds weird, but I think he do many remakes of his father's original movies. He could could probably play the terminator. It's even scarier seeing old photos of a chubby little kid turn out to be this.

  4. He shouldn't overdo it until his build becomes un-natural.
    He talks about competition , but that's getting into steroid use.
    Just because his Dad's famous doesn't necessarily mean he should follow.

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