1. Please make more of the home training videos, they are really inspirational to my lazy “don’t have time to go to the gym” rear.
    and a ps. You have a really pleasing figure, I bet you have boys waiting in lines for you ?

  2. Awesome video! I felt so energized watching you work out, I got out of bed went to the kitchen, made a coffee with a piece of bread pudding and when you was done I was done, and I went back to bed and fall asleep?

  3. Lauren you are perfection!…a beautiful soft voice with a cute accent, a sweet fun loving disposition and gentle way about you…not to mention your stunning face and magnificent body you're a true lady! ? love your videos especially your quiet binaural whisper….sends me to the land of nod every time! Thanks again?☺

  4. Not sure if you'll see this. But for squats try to keep you back more upright. Back injuries are not fun at all and are not easy to hesl

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