1. WOW finally a short, snappy booty workout that has upbeat but chill music, a good burn, AND a fun workout buddy! All at once! I am so pleased 😄🔥

  2. Hey! I'm doing this, getting ready to get thicc for summer. I want to come back to school with my body goals accomplished! I'll update everyone on how I'm going

    Day 1: very sore, and did 1 hour of booty work outs sore=it's working!!

  3. Wow girls have it easy for working out, you guys barely do anything and still look gorgeous, men have to go through torture to get abs pecs and big biceps

  4. Sam, can you make a video about staying positive in a negative environment? My house has such a negative energy and I`m not established enough to move out yet, how can I ignore the negativity and embrace the happy part of life?

  5. hi sam! i'm trying to lose weight by may 31st or june 6th (i'm trying to get fit for my birthday) do you have any videos to recommend and a routine i can follow? i'm really committed to getting ft and i just can't wait! i hope you see this
    – xo, caitlin

  6. There are so many fitness people out there, but I really enjoy your channel because of how down-to-earth and real you seem. I like the sit-down videos that are motivational and how relatable your meal/snack videos are. I hope you continue to push videos like this! Quick workouts from home are so great! ❤️ Thank you for your sunshine.

  7. yesss sam just what i need to crack down and kick these glutes into shape ! fitness is a constant journey for me but lately inconsistent lol. HOWEVER im back on the move and will be adding some of these excercises to my routine. thanks

  8. DEAR SAM: please do a video about when you workout, which musclse you are training and for how long. Btw i really really love your workouts and have been doing two of them for 3 weeks! Keep up the good work!

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