1. Love the videos, love love love…only request at this point would be if you could make non-automated captions on the videos (google gets it quite wrong sometimes) I like to play my own music, but I want to hear what instructions y'all are giving. Speaking of y'all, y'all are awesome. Keep it up. thanks

  2. We have been doing fitnessblender for a while and finally found myself a set of Powerblocks. Surprised my wife today with a set for her too, and she was very excited! Keep up the great work. Y’all are our go to for every workout we do because we get results with fitnessblender. Thanks!

  3. Hey guys! I’ve been working out with you for so many years now. I just love your cardio and HIIT videos and also the ones for muscle building. Unfortunately, I cannot do them anymore because i’ve been through double mastectomy and breast reconstruction two months ago and my body is not how it used to be 🙁 My surgeon told me I can do exercises as long as my chest muscle doesn’t get involved. So my question is: how can I lose some belly fat without using my chest muscle at all? I would love to see a video for women who have gone through mastectomy and reconstruction. Thank you!

  4. Hi Daniel! I really love that you guys put a calorie meter on the side of your videos but I'm struggling with this a bit. I'm tracking my calories at the moment (in Cronometer) and am putting my exercises in my daily diary as well. Whenever I do one of Kelly's 30min weight workouts your calorie sidebar always says something like 400kcal at the end of the exercise, but is that really how much we're burning?
    I see that in Cronometer for example a 30 min exercise called "resistance weight training, multiple exercises, 8-15 repetitions at varied resistance" only comes at 107kcal burned… What do you think? Thank you

  5. I used to do your hiit workouts a lot, I stopped doing it reagularly and haven't benn active since the end of last year, I've gainned some weight, lost focus of my eating habits and wasnt motivated to start exercising again. The good thing is that I have your notifications bell on and when I saw this video as a notification I thought "well it is not that long, I think I can do it". I did it and here I am sweting a lot, but really happy for this step, thank you so much for helping me and all of us that need some guidance to workout, your videos are really great. (I used this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KakbbW7Fz9Y&t=323s as a warm up and it worked really well). Big kiss for both of you 😀

  6. Being tough is a inportant thing to do even sports are work out but I love no material workout love fitness blender 💪🏽❤️😝ima workout everyday

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