1. how exactly does this burn 144 calories minimum? that's implying that you burn at least 5 calories per minute which doesn't seem to make sense to me since this is low intensity pilates. can someone explain?

  2. I have been doing exercises with FB during three years and yes my body changed a lot , but my problem is i cant do squats anymore and lunges , i have a knee pain, my question is will this exercise make my butt bigger and legs stronger ?

  3. Day 68. Wasn’t feeling great so did this. It’s been a month since I did a longer Pilates workout and I truly missed it. Amazing how ankle weights take the challenge to the next level. Thanks!

  4. i sprained my ankl last week wednesday one that caused swelling. so i cant do high impact jumping or weights legwise for a little bit. this is exactly what i needed so that i can exercise but not put too much weight on my ankle.

  5. I love this workout, hope to see more of these posted. It’s a real targeted challenge and was not boring and required full concentration. My legs and butt thank you! 😀

  6. I thought this was a great routine; I would have liked more of a 'core engagement' warm-up to help stabilize my torso while doing this workout. Thank you for putting it together.

  7. So I’ve been following your workouts for a while. I did this one a second time. I do have one question though. I usually workout (at home) in my socks or with bare feet. Is there a reason to wear shoes? I noticed you weren’t wearing them in this video, but you do wear them in others. I’m curious if I should be wearing shoes…

  8. Like everyone in these comments, I just wanted to thank you guys for always bringing us such reliable and supportive content, for all fitness levels. I started doing your exercises around 2-3 years ago and made a lot of progress physically, however I had to stop as I slowly developed an eating disorder and was using exercise as a way to compensate for eating. But after undergoing recovery, I’ve slowly started to incorporate exercise into my daily routine again, simply because it feels good, and not to attain any sort of body shape. Since I’m in my final year of high school, it’s a bit difficult to find time and do exercise consistently, hence, this is the first workout I’ve finished in around 3-4 months, and just hearing Kelli’s supportive comments about listening to your body, and reminding us that everyone starts somewhere, it was so motivating and encouraging and is really helping me get into the mindset of why we get into fitness in the first place — to honour our bodies and our minds, to push ourselves whilst also being proud of wherever we are at this exact moment. Thank you so much for the amazing content you produce and you inspire so many of us to get fit and healthy, the RIGHT way, whilst also being heavily accessible. Have a good day!

  9. I feel so energized and relaxed all at the same time. The pace was perfect, the narration during the exercises motivated me and I feel absolutely GREAT. I 'm.not doing this with fitness fanatics at a gym. This is in the c comfort and space of home. Thank you Fitness BlenderKelly! May just have a summer body for the 🌴beach here in NOT Jamaica!

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