1. Great workout. It had me dripping. I haven't worked out in a few days due to being ill and I have been snacking. I can totally feel the difference when not eating healthy and working out! My goal was to do 2 rounds, but I will do yoga instead. Hopefully, next week I can do 2 rounds!!

  2. Thank you for these more 30 minutes of effective activity in my life!! Yes )) It's 17:43 for you and 30 min for ME ))) I still need a little bit more rest than it's supposed to be )) but I like 30min workouts )))

  3. I’m liking these alternating sets of two exercises. Knowing that I only have to gear up for 2 exercises, I feel like it’s easier, mentally, to keep that power level up ( it’s still super challenging physically which keeps us all wanting more! 💪🏼🏋🏼‍♀️lol) thanks again for always kicking my booty into shape! 🍑

  4. Wow – I did this workout on Friday and I am still sore in my legs…it hurts to walk…ha ha….who would have thought a short workout could be so effective….LOVE IT, THANK YOU!!!!

  5. Before starting: I think I’ll do this twice.
    After the first super set: I’m dying. This truly is the end of my life.
    At the end of the third superset: cool, I think I can do this.
    End of workout: Repeating the whole workout again? No way, I’m just glad to be alive now.

    Great combo, used my heavy weights hence why going once through it was max intensity for me. So a great time saver too , while working the entire body!

  6. Wow.. woww.. stumbled upon ur channel recently and i am hooked!!! Ur combination of moves, weight training, music everything is perfect. The only thing i miss is a voiceover. Just at the beginning to explain the move or wen it becomes a bit tough. That will be the cherry on the cake while doing ur workouts. Nonetheless love ur workouts and can't wait to try all of it..

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