1. Let's WORK IT OUT! Now, I've been on my fitness game for a lil' bit now, but I wanted to bring you all some things that you can do at home to up your fitness game for tryouts and practice. I hope that you like this video. 😄 P.S. My overhand serving course is out now! Check the description box above!

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  2. I love the t-shirt you're wearing, where did yu get it from? P. S. I really love yr channel, wish I discovered it a few years ago when I was first starting. New subscriber

  3. I have tryouts on the 30th and 31st and I have no experience except playing volleyball during p.e. I’m really nervous since I know there are ppl who are far more experienced.

  4. Hey so I’m gonna be a senior this school year and last szn I got cut and so did all the other juniors that were on jv. I was on jv freshman and sophomore year and there was a freshman team. As of right now I’m the only senior that needs to be on varsity this year and I’m scared to tryout again after being cut and being a senior. Is there anything for me to know, tips to help me make the team and how they would want to take me as a senior?

  5. Your videos really help!! I’m gonna be a freshman this year and I wanna try volleyball, but I’m really nervous because I get scared that I’m doing things wrong.

  6. I’ve been doing a volleyball camp this summer, and I needed something to do when it was over! Thank you so much! I LOVE volleyball and I probably am gonna try out for the team. I have a vid suggestion:
    Can you please do a wall setting tips video?

  7. i’m gonna be a freshman next year and i wanna try out for volleyball. The tryouts are on august 22. At my middle school, we played volleyball during gym class and i was absolutely HORRIBLE. I was scared of the ball so i’d leave it to my teammates to hit it. My serves are okay but they almost never go over the net and i can only do an underhand serve, i am horrible at overhand serves. I love volleyball as a sport but i’m just too scared to play. I REALLY want to get in but i’m so bad that i think i will just embarrass myself in front of everyone. If i practice ALL my serves and everything else with my dad until tryouts, do you think there is a chance that I could get in?

  8. Thank you for this!! So for my underhand serve I can do it but just not far enough do you have any tips about that? I’m a beginner so that’s the only serve I need to get on the team I’m trying to get on but I also have the same problem with the overhand serve too

  9. Koko I watch your videos a lot and they're very helpful !! I've never played a season of Volleyball, but i'm am wanting to tryout for the freshman team at the highschool I'm going to. Tryouts are in August and I have no idea what to expect! Considering I have never tried out for a sport, I don't know what tryouts are like and I have no idea what to prepare for. I was wondering if you could help me understand what tryouts are like, what the coaches will ask me to do, and all that type of stuff. I'm just really nervous and I am really hoping to make a team! thank you so much i hope you see this ❤️

  10. @kokovolley i have tryouts in 3 weeks and i'm going to be a freshman in high school. This is a new school for me because i moved neighborhoods and will not be attending that high school anymore. Do you have any advice for trying out as a new player coming to the team or just in general for starting new schools and joining a sports team.

  11. Thankyou so much koko I am a new volleyball play myself and I'm 15 but the team I can play on starts at 16, so thankyou so much for posting this so I can be ready for the next season💚💚🏐🏐

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