1. good lord what happened to this channel? why don’t you create two channels for crossfit and for beginners/elderly people trying to get fit? horrible marketing and bad content for people that are actually into crossfit 😐 just checked out all past videos and it has barely any relevant information.

  2. Great job! I did feel his form was a poor example when lifting the bag of perhaps cat litter, cat food or whatever it may have been.
    Overall I thought the video was excellent.

  3. I am not opposed to the message, but please, employ a real media team to run your socials. I remember the first video from crossfit that got me hooked. This is so far from that it´s sad. Maybe tweak the presentation just a bit at least. I am pro to showcase how easy it can be to incorporate exercise in to your daily life. It does not mean it has to be this boring to watch.

  4. At least some of the older folk that didn’t get and stay in good physical shape when much younger are willing to try, regardless of their current age.

  5. Dangerous exercises for elders. The twisting with heavy load is bad to the lower back and hip joints. Let him step and face the counter.
    And the dips hands placement is to far behind the body putting to much pressure in the shoulder joints. And imagine when the hand or feet slip. Let him do the dips on the lower sofa.

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