1. This was a great WO… thank you. For those non-beginner weightlifters that are going to try this, I would recommend 3 sets of each with one minute rest in between to really push yourself. I am targeting 8 reps for each set… if I complete all 3 sets with 8 reps, then I graduate myself to the next level on my next WO by adding weight. Hope that helps. Jeff is a beast and explains things better than anybody. For the people that keep on bringing up the cheat curls – this is on purpose and part of the AX philosophy… adding a cheat exercise is not a bad thing because it requires the supporting muscles to help! Again… this is not for beginners IMO.

  2. Master i appreciate your videos.. how you express each and everything about hitting every muscle efficiently and effectively…. thats magnificient… GOOD JOB👍

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