1. I think I want to add barre workouts to my home exercise rotation. Right now, I have been working out using The Firm Volume 1. There are many similar exercises here.

  2. I’m just starting out on this barre workout I can barely get through. But I’m going to make this workout my bitch lol! But right it’s making me it’s bitch! I’m going to push myself.. but I love this workout though! Thanks for posting it.

  3. Hi Shauna. I know you made this video a few years ago, but I wanted to tell you that your body shape is absolutely beautiful! I have tried so many different workouts throughout my life (I am naturally very muscular and I am 5'1") and they always made me put on more muscle mass than I would like due to my genetics. Then about 4 years ago I found yoga and pilates. Love the results! Strong and lean. Now I have found barre and eventhough I have never taken ballet, I really like the physique most ballerinas have. Then I found this video! Wow it is awesome and I have no doubt that results will be starting to show immediately with all that burn…burn..BURN!! I like seeing that it was tough for you as well and it shows no matter how advanced you are with doing these exercises, they still give you a challenge! No wonder you have over a million views. This workout is awesome and it's FREE. This is something people pay lots of money for in barre classes. Thank you so much for making it available for us who feel more comfortable doing this in the privacy of our homes. And BTW, the tempo is just fine for me. I don't know if people realise pulses are small, quick movements so your 100 count is going to be fast, as it should be. Take care.💪💗

  4. This was a good workout that got my blood flowing, but it was honestly quite boring compared the the hybrid ballet/stretch barre classes like Bar Method and Pure Barre. Teacher didn't talk enough about form and that's essential in an online class. I'd look for another option before doing this one again…

  5. Absolutely my favorite full body workout. I found this video maybe 3 years ago and still doing it to this day, whether its the whole thing or parts of it, bc I love the arm workout and abs workout as a supplement to other workouts I do on some days. love it!

  6. Only adding my opinion due to all the negativity. This is awesome. I was fishing for workouts while getting a little mindless cardio in. I can tolerate beginner workouts once or twice before I have to move on because they waste so much time explaining moves and talking. This is something I can do many times and watch my improvement over time. First I may only get through 5 reps before you move to the next but it's the same as if I were to take a live class. 2 time i might get to 6 or 7 reps. I can repeat this multiple times, add my own music and just focus on me.

  7. Fantastic! Thank you.
    For those who cannot keep up: slow down the speed. After a week or two you will be fine, if you are in good shape that is. This will get you fit. Fast. Do it everyday.

  8. This is not that fast wth are people talking about. She also explains the point of the pace 🙄 u want it slower then know the moves and just do them slow on your own. No biggie. This i know will burn so many calories and really get the heart rate going for u to get a really good workout as a former non professional dancer..i really like this and i know for sure it works!

  9. NOT recommended for beginners. warm up too short and directly strong with weight on the arms… 2) warm up for legs: NOTHING! Direct with squat and strenghtness. (dangerous also for anyone that is a dancer and is practic…) 3) NO music, her voice is partial uncanstandable 4) too much repeat …. My friends had pain and contractures, during the "100 series" 5) INCOMPLETE stretchings for gluteus and sometimes they ar not for the right muscle s group. Last: she forgot that at home you cannot have a strong and fixed barre, so, balance can be also heavy to reach and permitting the right flexibility during the workout. As a profi, I tell: be careful

  10. Such a killer workout!! Loved the pace as it adds cardio that gets u sweating buckets!! Love love love ! One of my faves! I use tae bo and barre workouts in my fitness routines always !! Thank u !!

  11. The workout is ok. But WHY does she stress the number three every time. And say THUH-REEEEEEEEE. That’s annoying. Maybe something happened to her when she was three? Three was only one syllable last time I checked.

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