1. My neck hurts. I don't feel burn in my abs but my neck is the problem. Exercise No. 1 and 2 are killing my neck. This is the first day I work out. You say your neck will be stronger. So to solve my problems, I just need to exercise more those abs ẽexxercise with neck up like 1 and 2 and eventually, I won't feel anything on my neck?

  2. I was practically bed-bound during pregnancy and gave birth two months ago. Now it's time to get rid of the mom tummy but I have to go easy. 😂

  3. Hi Cassey, Love what you are doing and your videos are such a great hit! I love them and so I recommend you to my Health Science class that I am taking, you are a great motivator and your exercises are great for muscular fitness. Wish you luck!

  4. Hey Cassey would totally love to win those items!! <3 Why I love to live an active lifestyle because exercising makes me feel good about myself (like its me makes me feel accomplished , at least I did something to make myself a better person) and also the after effects of working out; I feel more energetic throughout the day too! I enjoy yoga and pilates alot hence I super love your channel!

    PS. I am from SINGAPORE!!!

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