1. This is a really simple setup for a full body workout. I've been strength training for years, and a setup like this would be great to have at home. Great video guys.

  2. Not everyone has those things to hook up to their walls. I didn't want to upset my landlord by installing those, so I thought I'd be slick and I tried to use Command Hooks on my wall with my current exercise bands-and lets just say that I'm a one-eyed jack now. 😛 Can you recommend some stuff that people can do without adding those wall things? ty

  3. Guys, I can't tell you how much I really appreciate the education and exercises you have given us! What you share is so valuable. I have been using your videos for several months and love every single one. I never miss a day of "Bob and Brad".

  4. I would like to get these wall brackets but the room I use for my exercises has walls that are not completely solid like a partition wall. Is there any way to make that work with less solid walls? Or do the walls need to be rock solid?

  5. Hi there. Love your videos and follow a lot of your exercises. Wondered if we will be able to buy your booyah stick soon in the UK? Was disappointed to find it wasn't available. I know it will be a great addition to many many of us in the UK. Keep going and giving me some laughs along the way.

  6. I do primarily calisthenics but I think I may try the bands as well for added resistance for triceps. Seems like you can get a lot of hip exercises as well. Thanks guys.

  7. Come on Bob and Brad! We need a diastasis recti video! We need the most effective exercises to restore our core! Pretty, pretty please!!!

    P.S. you guys are the coolest

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