1. Love your videos. Subscribed!I am 62 y.o, Chiropractor that wore down her L5 disc with years of running and giving high impact aerobics classes in the 80's.
    I signed up at a local pilates class and do the floor exercises however she does not instruct on breathing. I was wondering which pilates equipment you are using here. Its hard to add this to my stationary bike and treadmill lol..(hardly use either). I am enjoying the strengthening of the pilates. Thanks. Just did 4 of your short workouts (one with pilates wheel).
    PS there are so many reformers, and they are quite expensive. Do you know of any fair price ones that you can stow away under a bed?
    I see the one you are using is 4,000.00 and unless you have a studio or an extra room its difficult to find space. Would the cheaper ones be OK and if so any recommendations are helpful. Its very expensive in the studio and I like working out at home…or Ill just continue to do floor work!

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