1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I needed this. I am currently studying to take a test and I was seriously freaking out. This is what my body, mind and heart needed. The flow just flowed and pushed me to inhale deeply and exhale longer than usual. I loved it and Im grateful for this video. Namaste

  2. Now I am confused… before the class I would have said that Vinyasa was my type of yoga but after the challenge, I would say I love all of them and it would definitely depend on my energy a specific day or week. Namasté Brett!

  3. I love this practice. It was very challenging but so energizing. I had done it when I first started practicing a year ago but I felt much more fluid this time. Namaste!!!!

  4. I've always been sitting at a library, my back and waist are getting worse. After watching your vedio, I feel better! 💗thank you. (I'm Korean, so I apologize my inperfect English😌)

  5. i love this video, its very easy for beginners and has the exact "flowing" energy ive been looking for! Such great vibrations in this video, I feel very thankful to have found it.

  6. writing from my daughters account as i dont know how to create one. lol i loved this flow wasnt too hard for me. will do this everyday from now on i felt great after <3

  7. All your classes are amazing in their own way! This one was perfect for me today. Thank you! You are not only inspiring me; after I shared one of your sequences with my "live" yoga teacher, you are now an inspiration to her, too! Go girl! 🙂

  8. Thank you, Brett. I love your free You Tube classes that I can choose from depending on how I feel. This vinyasa flow was great. I really appreciate how you give us options for how to meet up with you in down dog. And how you remind me to breathe through the right parts of the poses.

  9. You referred to heat as kapha which is quite wrong. The fire element is Pithha. Kapha is earth. Vaatha the third is air/ether. Those three were considered the primordial elements. And oh, what gives the heat and energy is our praana (chi)…

  10. Wowwwww!
    A truly amazing session with you today. You spoke sooo softly and doing actions so slowly that I actually could do it for the very first time. I couldn't do these actions before. Thankyou so much but please careful because you are pregnant too. We need your loads videos yet and good luck for the baby.

  11. I work in the ER, so I come home sore from all the running around but I look forward to my morning yoga with you. It really gets me ready for the day. In this video l love those pants! Does anyone no where I can get the same pair?

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