1. Thank you for pretending to be tired and saying it is burning when we know you didn’t even break a sweat. It made me feel better about my out of shape a$$

  2. Omg…I made a commitment to do a hiit workout today, after I got home from work and I nearly forgot! Eventhough this really challenge me it was so worth it. Thanks Joe for you workouts and encouragement on fb. 😨😨😨😁

  3. Brilliant! Love the low impact workouts, my knees dont take kindly to jump jacks so this was brilliant! Ten minutes later and im feeling it in my thighs already. Thanks Joe!

  4. Omg u came to my school ninian park primary . on Thursday 28th march and it was really fun doing work out with you and I really hope we get to meet you and in person.

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