1. Will this program be good for lean mass gains? I’m more intermediate to advanced on lifting? If not what programs do you have? I’m looking for a in home dumbbell workout routine. If this routine is good for that and all I need to do is change the rep or sets for lean mass for a non beginner what do you recommend? Thanks guys

  2. Do we do 3 days in a row or have a rest day in between ..and how long before I move onto lv2 ..also should I add more excersizes in with these .. thanks

  3. Love the video!!! I'm always looking for ideas to change up my full body workout and this will keep me busy for months to come.
    Gentle question: Wouldn't Steve Reeves recommend doing the goblet squat last in order to allow us to keep a strong base for the other exercises?

  4. Heaven preserve us! If you have a pelvis or spinal malformation that makes you prone to sciatic nerve ailment like I do, then this very excercise is equivalent to suicide! There are less brutal excercises to strenghten your abs, torso and your lower back muscles.

  5. Hi Buff dudes! Carl from Sweden here, I just love you guys:) wonderful kick-ass inspiration!. Great videos!:)
    Im looking at your 12-weeks program. And I wonder if its for me. Im 50 years old, struggeling in the gym for couple of years now and enyoing it, but should I go for that routine or should older guys like me consider a another way of training?

    All the best. Keep posting!
    Regards from Sweden 🇸🇪

  6. Dammit! No roll outs with hex dumbbells, just as well I have an ab roller. Got to be honest, biggest pump I experienced was doing the roll outs, but then I'm new to the movement and was lucky to get to 70% extension. Great session, especially if stuck for time.

  7. I have been searching everywhere for a workout plan Aaaaand have not come up with one.I am 46 years old 6 foot 3 185 lbs. No tone and never had it.I want to build muscle.I think 200 pounds give or take . But I want it to be noticeable esp to my wife… Can anyone give me any type of guidelines instead of me floundering everyday.sigh

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