1. Today marks the 1st day of my 30 days flat belly challenge! Who's ready to smash out this program with me?!
    I had an early start and so did many of you guys! I just wanna let you guys know that you've done well! <3

  2. OPEN QUESTION: I'm one of those people who, even though I've read about how to engage your core, I'm not sure whether I really am engaging it. Question is: did anyone feel this way doing the workouts/challenges but still get good results?

    But thank you Chloe Ting for such in-depth and free content! The organised structure really motivates me and keeps me on track. It is my 4th day trying out your flat belly programme.

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  4. I am doing the flat belly challenge and I can already feel my self getting stronger give me a like so I can have motivation to do the whole 30 day challenge.

  5. im a male and after long time no workout i found this video and i tought il do it for warmup, what can be so hard for a female workout, damn i was wrong… I was so out of shape that so i barely could keep up and i was sweating like crazy… keep up good job!

  6. A note of advice, don't do these on a rug! My hands started bleeding from rug burns after the first set, but still made it! Thank you for the workout, Chloe!

  7. Hey, quick question, is it okay/safe/effective to do an HIIT workout like this, every single day? Some people say you shouldn’t do HIIT everyday but limit it to 2-3 sessions a week …

  8. Week 1 down!!! Woo! I sweat a TON with your workouts lol, but I feel so much stronger! There's still something's that I can't do at the high intensity level, but man, I want to die at the end of the workouts but FEEL SO GOOD! Thank you so much for uploading the guides and videos

  9. Day 5 for some reason I really struggled today in my opinion I did so well yesterday but today I didn’t do my best (I also had quite a bit of unhealthy food) I’ll try harder tomorrow !

  10. I usually do your 10 minute workout videos, but I did this today. Almost had an asthma attack and passed out, but I honestly loved it (if that makes sense. I swear im not crazy). I will definitely be doing this again.

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