1. Just bought 5 containers of titanium and 1 of hyper max (through your links) Pissed their banning dmha. Hopefully they tweek the molecule and put something else out. Lol
    You turned me onto arez last year.
    What’s to be in the ore workouts moving forward??? Just caffeine! Why don’t they ban Advil? Advil is good for a few thousand deaths and 100s of thousands of poison control calls every year

  2. Your knowledge is very in-depth . Very few people in this fitness industry have such level of understanding of supplements especially pre workout. Most of the videos are profit motive . You speak genuinely which effects like a hard hitting pre workout . Please keep making such type of videos .

  3. As far as I can tell, WILD has been discontinued. It's out of stock on the Juggernaut site (though no official DISCONTINUED announcement), and also OOS at most supplements sites. Ruesco has southern sweet tea left. Sellers on ebay have most flavors, but as usual are either price gouging or charging a fuckload for shipping. Too bad – I don't really want a "pump package" in my PW, but I agree that it gave a good hit in the feels. Not enough to pay $60 for a tub, though.

  4. Bro you are the best reviewer for best pre workouts out there. Awesome video man! Just stocked up on titanium and latest assassin since they will be going away soon. Memorial weekend 20% off everywhere is perfect time!

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