1. Simple yet best boxing conditioning workout both for men and women. I loved the way coach focusing on the techniques like hip rotation, snap shots. Would love to see more videos.

  2. I've boxed for years and it is my FAVORITE form of workout. I've gotten a little rusty so this is a great refresher. I have a friend who has never boxed and wants to try it. I'm doing this workout tonight (I have a bag upstairs in a gym room) and tomorrow I'm going to show her the routine. Thank you SO much, look forward to seeing more of your stuff! 🙂

  3. I just started boxing at home, but i only use wraps and I have huge bruises on my minor knuckles. Is it coz I’m hitting wrong or just coz I’m a beginner?

  4. great workout. Love the fact that you chose a regular woman to do this, not a professional. We allget tired and exhausted, so it looks very natural. I will include this in my work out!

  5. I've added this video in twice per week to my normal walking routine and over the past 6 weeks I've lost 28 lbs. I love this video! It is getting easier, are there others of yours in the same 5 round format for women? Thanks!

  6. I really enjoyed this video , very easy to fallow
    I belong to 2 gyms with my fiancé and practically have one in my condo lol
    I love lifting weights but, we just got a punching bag to incorporate boxing into our workout 😊 excited and can’t wait to see some lbs drop 👍 they kinda jumped on me when I wasn’t watching 😂 by the way doing this is definitely not as easy as it looks . I’m dead tired just by watching them 😂 but, you can tell it’s definitely rewarding 👍👍

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