1. I'm in chronic excruciating pain most days.drs 'think' its fibromyalgia but i have lumps under the skin.i thought osteosarcoma cancerous but drs won't take the time or care to find out what's wrong with me.it's an intense dull ache and crippling.i can't hardly walk,seems like il keep trying to self diagnose and you and many others here on yt are very informative and helpful. Big thankyou

  2. You have people buying all of these supplements and they do not help. I bought that thyroid tincture you suggested and nothing and it did not change my life. I bought burdock root and red root and nothing has changed. And even more. Nothing helps. Smh…you and your dosing recommendations. I eat brazil nuts and nothing.

  3. The five you previously recommended were Red Root, Burdock Root, Manjistha, Lymph Stim, and Iteres. so I got all of them but Iteres, still trying to find how I get that. Why did you change your mind, except for the Lymph Stim?

  4. I have had Lymphoedema since I was 13. I live in the UK Lymphoedema advice is very scarce and doctors don't seem as knowledgable or caring as those else where in the world. It's very frustrating to live with. I have a part time job and i'm very active at 36 but have found keeping weight off very hard. I don't like compression stockings as they interfere with my daily routine and fall down a lot I had ones purchased online as well as ones made for me and both are uncomfortable and time consuming. I have a semi vegetarian diet and try to get in three meals a day only having meat at dinner time. The UK just seems to be miles behind everyone else its a very frustrating condition. Im looking at diet to manage my health does Manuka honey help ? Or should honey be avoided ?

  5. Hi thank you for this video I have a quick question is surgery the best option thanks I will be waiting for your response I am a patient of Lymphedema I have been with a disease for 18 years but when you see this condition you can never believe it has been for that long because I take care of my legs good I am about to go for a surgery that is why I'm asking you if surgery is the best option o'doul my doctor told me that it will help to reduce the size of my legs and I'll continue to wear sucks for the rest of my life thanks for the video I'll be waiting for your response if surgery is the best option.

  6. Whole Food Plant Based Oil Free low fat, low glycemic index has helped me so much with all of my health. 3 grains, 3 vegetables (one being cruciferous), 2 dark leafy greens, 1 berries, 2 fruit, 2-3 servings of legumes (Dr. Gundry is WRONG). Done it for a year and it's changed my life. I only take one supplement. I use to be on 13 pills a day, now just one RX and one suppliment…Get your nutrition from real food. Went down several dress sizes and body now in proportion. I suffer from Dercums, lipedema and lymphedema. You can shop Aldi and help yourself. no health coaches required. Work with your own doctor. Dr. Michael Greger's Daily Dozen app is FREE and works.

  7. Hi Dr Melisa, I ordered the tea, but received a digferent one… this one does not says Cbd and the package is not orange/black, it is yellow/ black… is it the same???

  8. I take most of these and nothing is helping. I take ginger, diosmin, berberine, n cetyl cysteine. I am blowing up like a balloon out of nowhere. Nothing is working.

  9. Hi Melissa, I have lipodema with occasional lymphedema & I live in the UK where there is little help or understanding regarding these conditions. Would it be possible to email you as I am trying to get on top of this. I have watched a few of your very informative videos but wanted to ask some questions if you have the time I’d be so grateful?


  10. Blessings been really busy this month so I haven't watch the videos but are on my list for next week, but watching today I only wished I had found you before my Dad passed because I believe you could have brought him so true relief . He suffered so badly when he passed he lost nearly 100 pound of fluid. You are wonderful gift from our Creator!!! Looking forward to watching your videos to help myself and to share with others suffering!!! Blessings!

  11. Hi there! After 47 years i realized I’m not just fat or lazy…i have a condition. No matter how hard i worked at losing weight my legs always were thick & lumpy. So glad I discovered it’s lipodema as funny as that sounds.
    Supplements : ok to take ALL 5 every day??
    Thank you!

  12. Hi Melissa, Thank you for the information, So im confused on the 7 supplement.You have to take all the 7 supplement every day,Is that to much, I want all the supplement
    just want make sure you us all 7 supplrment you can take, it was a great video ,,YOU gave me some hope , Been sick for 2011 dercums , very painful .Thank you .So much,You have a bless day,Thank you,

  13. Oh hi! I was diagnosed with lipo lymphedema grade 2B stage 3 yesterday. I live in Norway, so there's not much help to get here. I'm happy to have found this video posted today. Great timing! =D

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