1. Hi Tracy…I went to your site to join the TBT but when it asks for Billing Info, there is nowhere to put an address. It just duplicates and ask for Name and phone number. Please let me know when you update this and I will join! Thanks so much.

  2. Hi Tracy! I'm writing on your latest video because I'm in need of REALLY URGENT advice! Even so, I'd still love to thank you, just for a sec! Your workouts are literally the best ones: my mother and I give you our gratitude! You saved our arms in less than two weeks!!!
    I've been doing your "INNER THIGH WORKOUT, tone your inner thighs, no more flabby thighs" (2013) workout for approximately a month. I've certainly got more toned and strong thighs, but I'm afraid I might have chosen the wrong workout (my thighs are becoming bigger). I've seen plenty of legs workouts on your channel and I was wondering if you could recommend me one of your routines that avoids bulking and concentrates on slimming down. Plus any advice on how getting rid of big calves? Sorry for the looong message and thank you sooo much for your attention! You're a legendary woman, keep up the great work!!
    Sincere admiration from Italy 😀

  3. Loved this one! Adding the weights to the standing abs routine was super effective. I really hope that a full-length version of this WO appears in the Total Body Transformation subscription library! Pretty please? <3

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