1. Have not seen comments on the anker sound curve. I have had them dor over 2 years. They have been great for 26 bucks u cant go wrong. Never had beats so cant compare sound quality. I say they on par

  2. Really appreciate all the help with making the choice easier when choosing a new pair of earphones and shoes but was a bit disappointed when I found out the Rizknows app doesn't work in South Africa.

  3. Powerbeats broke in 3 months at the gym…. I work out 2-3hrs a day now they won’t even turn on. Luckily I got them during Christmas so got them on sale.

  4. Ive had the jaybirds, biggest problem is interference, its why i had to let them go. But those were the x2 and currently i have powerbeats wireless 3 and the clip that goes around your ear broke off so im deciding if i should buy another pair, beats are not durable

  5. X4 sound quality is much richer than powerbeat 3 but not its built quality. I bought 2 X4 within 3 months time. One was its button and the other had issues with bluetooth keep disconnecting from the device. Hope X5 has better design. So now, i am not touching X4.

  6. Take a look at the QKZ EQ1 buds. Can't be much good for $5? I think you will be pleasantly surprised (if not absolutely amazed) at the build quality & sound.

  7. Hi I'm from Brazil and I'm looking for a new BT earphone. Thanks for your review, I didn't know the Anker's and I liked the prize. If Beats are expansive there, you can think about it here (BRL1200+). I'm studying about JBL Endurance Sprint, for it's good sound quality and better prizes here, but now I've got Anker to see how it is. It's prize is also attractive here. Let's test it! Thanks again

  8. Best earphones I've owned for working out are a pair of Sony around the ear earphones for 20 to 30 bucks. Durable, comfortable and the don't come out the ear.

  9. I want a headphone which has great sound quality..
    Sound quality must be best and the that should be lightweight.
    I'm using a in ear headphone 4 months now and i'm having a issue with buds weight and remote weight.
    When ever i walk the remote and bud vibrates and that's so uncomfortable.
    Can anyone help me out with a headphone info like the one i want?

  10. I always take you guys reviews into account when I am looking for my next piece of tech I use for fitness. I definitely will look more into the Bose headphones. Not really a big fan of Beats. But at the moment and for a very long time I've been using Skull candy headphones. They have always been my go to. I'm also one of those weird people that still prefer wired over wireless. The sound quality I get from Skull candy headphones is pretty darn great to me.

  11. I have had a few of the wired Bose headphones over the years. I love the sound and the fit is great, but the cord always cracks and exposes the wiring. This happens in multiple spots, exactly a week after the warranty expires. I've moved on… I like the Powerbeats 3s, but I plan to try the Jaybird Tarahs next.

  12. is there a pair of noise canceling headphones that are both wired and bluetooth? i like to hook up to machines that I do cardio on and watch the news or football/hockey games, but sometimes I dont want to deal with the cord..?

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