1. Hi bro I am college students now few day only I am watching u all kinds of video bro and I like all one and the most one is gym workout only . Please put boxing video bro I like all kinds of boxing bro.please put the video bro . I want to learn

  2. Bro neenga already accessories video piturinthinga athula bracelet link ilaa please send pannunga neenga poturukathu
    Link send pannunga bro please fast

  3. Bro one important note . Lefting of Dumbbells will affect our height because of this many of them Loos their confidence . So explained in any video are reply bro … Thank you bro ..Tell bro …..

  4. Bro Homeworket pana pothu Someking pandrathu sariya illaya bro yana nan unga video pathutu homewotum pandra and Someking pandra so apiti pana yathavathu Wight lose aguma bro

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